Mar 25, 2013

Operation Work. It. Out.- Tuesday Workout

Hey!! I have been told by the powers that be (i.e.- the nerds I work with) that my computer will be up and running by tomorrow!! Yay them!!

The bad news?  ALL. OF. MY. DATA. IS. GONE. All of it.

I am so hoping that I have the SD drives from my previous cameras because I am going to seriously start crying if I can't find the video I had of the day we brought home and introduced Burn to Crash.  OMG.

Lesson Learned? Back YO Shit up. Period.  I am an idiot and I have learned the hard way.

Tomorrow's WORKOUT will focus on overall strength using one "piece" of equipment....your wall.  Any wall.  Barefeet so as not to leave scuff marks.  The workout LOOKS intimidating, but I believe I can persevere? How about you?

Suck it up? Let's do THIS.

TUESDAY'S WORKOUT HERE.  It's from Self Magazine and if that tiny little tart can do it....WE CAN DO IT!!

PS- I have had a few convo's with some of the newest members to this turrible little bloggy blog, and it sounds like people actually ARE interested in me teaching PiYo.

Are you?  Here's a little snip-it of another instructor I found on the interwebs of the Youtube's

If so, I will plan a Sunday morning session soon.  First class will be FREE.  I want EVERYONE to come and try it out and see if you would like to make it a weekly thang. I know you will...IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!

Suburban location TBD...but please!!  Let me know if you are interested! Hit me up on FB...or send me a comment on this blog! The more the merrier!

And I know there are some Chicago gals out there willing to learn as well....let's try and plan an in-home, smaller group (and by'll probably end up being me +1...that's okay!)

Here is a little Inspiration for YA!! Let's KICK SOME ASS!

TBag. Out!

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