Mar 26, 2013


What is up my happy workout people!? I have SUCH exciting news for you!!!

The next chapter in your fitness regime just got a whole lot more fun, because.....


I know. Try not to pee your pants with too much excitement.

You know what else will up?
I am offering TWO FREE TRIAL CLASSES!!! 
You would never purchase a car before taking a test WHY would I make you start ponying up the dolla billz right away...what if you DON'T like it?  (which will never's so awesome!)

All of my classes will be ONE HOUR in duration on Sunday morning's starting at 9am.

Yes...I know people like to get their drink on Saturday nights (me included)
Yes...I know that some people go to church and such....(I'm not one of them)
Yes...the start time is kind of early.

But those above three examples are just excuses!!! Once it's over, you are gonna feel SO. GOOD.
Plus, it's not overly intense like a bootcamp class.

Look at the name! Pi and Yo.

This is a Pilates and Yoga based strength class designed to help you achieve greater flexibility, overall strength, better focus, and it is all simply choreographed to FUN music. 

Here is a super fun 80's picture to get you motivated (in case my over-use of "!" wasn't enough)


LOCATION:  Classes will be held outside in Ingleside, IL off of Rollins Road.  (Just East of Route 12, in between Volo and Wauconda, IL)

But what if it rains or is fr-fr-freezing?

No worries!! We can simply move indoors onsite!  No last minute cancellations!

FREE TRIAL CLASSES: Two options: Sunday, April 14th and Sunday, April 21st, 9-10am
(Registration for future classes available onsite both days)

EQUIPMENT: A Yoga mat is required.  There currently will not be extras available on-site.  Each class is performed barefoot or with socks...gym shoes not required.  Please bring water and a towel as needed.  Bathrooms are available onsite as well.

PARKING: Free and plenty available!

That's it! Easy peasy right?

So then what happens when you fall in lurrrve with PiYo and want to sign up for the Spring/Summer sessions?

I will be offering 16 Sunday classes between May 5 - August 25
You can come to as many or as little as you would like.  
There will be 3 punch card options available.  
Walk-ins are always welcome!

Please e-mail me at gildedtbags (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire about punch card and walk-in pricing commitments and LET'S KICK SOME ASS!
I'm also available via Facebook or you can comment on this blog.

But what if I am too far away and can't make your classes!! 

Guess what?  Pending scheduling availability, I CAN COME TO YOU!
I offer private sessions! Just ask!
Private group rates get special discounting as well.....let me know if you are interested.

PiYo 4 LIFE!!
TBag. Out.

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  1. OMG Tia!!!!! I'm so excited for you....and me!!! I will definitely try it out.

    I went running the past two mornings here with visions of your tough workout videos in my head, ha!

    1. That's awesome! PiYo is not nearly as hyper active as will do just fine!! Can't wait!