Mar 2, 2013

I die.....for Wondfo

Yesterday I purchased exactly 50 Wondfo Home Preg Tests from Amazon for $9.

Do you think that will be enough for one week or should I get more?

The good thing about timing, is...even though I chose 2 day shipping apparently they won't arrive until Tuesday.  Which means I HAVE to wait and not test early, when the reality is I wanted to test the HOUR after suspected ovulation.  Oye.

They have POAS support classes right?

On a less TMI note...I'm passing time today by sitting on my ass and watching Rachel Zoe.
Lit-rally ALL. DAY.  She looks so much better preg than normal....her face isn't so hollow.

Totally. Bananas 4 Preg Tests.
TBag. Out.