Mar 1, 2013

How I bruised myself and my ego...with pictures

I never made it to work this morning.  I will illustrate exactly what happened.

*Disclaimer* These pictures are very accurate and drawn by an artist.  Don't be jealous.

First, I grabbed my tote bag, purse, hot coffee, keys, and gloves and flung myself out of the car.  Putting all my weight on the first foot out of the door, I unknowingly stepped onto a sheet of thin ice.

Next, the weight of myself, bags, coffee, and dignity land onto the first foot on the ice patch, crushing and twisting my ankle under the weight.  Arms flail in the air, and I smash my upper back on the step of the truck.

 Finally, coffee that was previously flying through the air, falls ONTO MY HEAD and coffee spills all over my hair.  I lie in a crumpled pile of shame on the ground with terrible pains shooting from opposite ends of my body.

My body and ego are bruised as a group of school aged kids watch and laugh in the distance.

I want to cry.  Immediately.  But I didn't.  Because I just can't lose all my dignity.  So I scoop myself up, drag my busted ankle, bags, what remains of my coffee and trudge back into the house.

Once back inside, I get an email update on my phone saying my train was cancelled this morning, so I guess I lucked out?  Yes...lucky me.

This is all that is left from the scene of the crime.

 I tried to take a pic of my sticky, gross coffee hair, but the pic doesn't do justice and it's blurry, and I can't exactly lift my arms in the air right now to hold the camera at the right angle.

This was my morning.  It was awesome.

Hope yours was better.

Gimp leg walking.
TBag Out.