Mar 20, 2013

25 Reasons You Aren't Dropping Pounds/Inches....and your Thursday OWIO Workout!

I found this article on Pinterest that had a guide to the top 25 reasons you aren't seeing the results you are hoping for in terms of pounds shed or inches loss.  Working out...although a good way to jump start your new healthy regime, isn't going to turn you into a svelte little hottie alone...sorry. There are apparently 25 other habits associated with making your goal happen.

As we approach the two week mark for our fitness journey, you may or may not have started to see changes for the positive....saggier pants, tighter arms, less weight on that damn scale, smaller inches...etc. Or you may have seen nothing.  It typically takes 4 weeks for any major changes to happen, no matter how small they are.


Here is the list of reasons from the article and my own take on them and how I am incorporating them into my lifestyle. (DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a personal trainer, nutritionist, or any of that jazz, I just know what works for me and am happy to help people)

1. You Overeat Healthy Foods- This one I agree with.  Just because nutritionist deem almonds a health food with great benefits, doesn't mean you can pop open the bag and shovel handfuls into your mouth.  A standard serving size is only 1/4 cup....measure it once and remember how small that really is.

2. You Don't Eat Breakfast- I am on the fence about this.  I do agree that you need to start eating relatively early in the morning to kick start your metabolism.  Most nutritionists and articles I have read demand people to start this within an hour upon rising.  If I did that, I would start eating at 5:30am.  Starving by the time I actually arrived at work at 8am, and then my whole day is thrown off.  It may not be "by the book", but I don't eat breakfast until I sit down at my desk in the morning.  Even if I have worked out.  Yes, my stomach grumbles a little here and there, but I have 16 oz. of coffee on the train and that suffices until I can eat some food in peace.

3. You Don't Practice Portion Control- This seems like a no-brainer, but apparently it's a huge issue for most people.  You know you just shouldn't eat a 20oz porterhouse steak and yet people do, and still have the potato that comes on the side, and an appetizer, and a couple cocktails, and dessert.  Too much.  If you actually slowed down, chewed your food completely, and sipped some damn water from time to time as you eat, you wouldn't have to worry about portion control.  Shoveling a massive amount of food into your mouth in a matter of minutes because you are starved isn't registering with your gut that you are full.  Slow down and eat things that are the size of, or smaller, than your fist.

4. You Eat While Standing Up- I don't even understand this one.  Find a seat.  If you are THAT busy that you have to eat while running to catch a cab or between errands or whatever, maybe a quick modification to your daily agenda is in order.  You have got to be able to find 5 minutes to sit and eat.  Plus, if you are moving while eating, you are probably sucking in a ton of air and will be farting shortly there after.

5. You Don't Sleep Enough- Absolutely.  I aim for 8 hours during the week, but unfortunately, given the opportunity, I am more of a 10-11 hours a night girl.  Don't be jealous.  I wish I COULD function on less sleep.  I am a bit tired during the week but I make it work.  When I don't get enough sleep, I get whiny, then hungry, then I eat only cookies and milkshakes, then I'm wired....then I crash again.  Vicious cycle.  Rearrange your priorities and try to find a more balanced sleeping schedule.

6. You Overindulge in Low-Fat Foods- Totes agree with this.  Low Fat, fat free, etc....basically tastes like cardboard in most foods that are naturally higher in fat.  We need a little fat in our diets people. It is what keeps us from overeating later. I am guilty of buying 0% fat greek yogurt, but I will be honest, if it wasn't blended with fruit and honey in my smoothies, I would never eat it plain.  Bayou loves 1% milk so that's what he gets.

7. You Don't Get Enough Veggies- Yep.  I have no idea if I get the recommended 5-7 servings each day.  Probably not, but I try to go white grain/bread free/meat free for at least 2 meals and two snacks per day so there isn't much else to eat besides fruits and veggies.  Just do it.  You're not a child and they can actually be tasty if cooked the correct way (or slathered in hummus).  Your choice.

8. You Think Walking Your Dog Is Enough- Most people don't even walk their dogs around the block, they just throw them in the backyard.  And while I am guilty of the same things I absolutely don't look at the times I do walk the dogs as exercise. It's just another daily thing I'm responsible for.  Unless...that walk is a couple miles...then maybe it would be a warm-up?  My motto is...if you aren't sweating, it's not a workout.

9. You Don't Cut Your Food- This one is funny to me.  I imagine someone just picking up a t-bone and gnawing on it.  People...cut your food. This one shouldn't even be on the list.  It keeps you from choking and looking like an ass. End of story.

10. You Still Drink Soda- Um...who doesn't.  Even if it is only on the weekends and maybe it has rum in it...I think the majority of people still have a bit of soda from time to time...or daily.  It DOES make you bloated and have to burp, which is basically maybe ease off a little. And for crying out loud....why do people drink it for breakfast?!?!  Or those damn energy are literally poisoning yourself.  Just stop.  Your gut will thank you for it.  Have a coffee, or tea, or some chocolate, or go for a walk or something if you're tired at lunch or at 3pm or whenever.

11. Your Partner Isn't on the Same Healthy Road- I don't think this one is a deal breaker.  At least it wouldn't be in our household. I have no idea what my husband eats for breakfast or lunch, and I don't really care.  He cooks the majority of our foods and I have compromised with my body and our relationship that knowing those meals may be higher in calories...I eat lighter during the day to make up for it.  Don't get me wrong...he is NOT a burger and fries kind of guy each day....but boy does he love his mashed potatoes!  When I cook...he eats it or he can make his own dinner, and vise versa.  You are not dependent on your spouse for your health regime.  Kick your own ass!

12. You're Addicted to Condiments and Toppings- I do love ketchup. A lot.  We all know you can't go get a salad and dump a jug of Ranch dressing on it.  Do I eat ranch dressing? Of course! It's best with pizza....but do I do it every day? Hell no.  Trying foods au naturale is a good way to decide what you think it needs to be enhanced with...and seasonings or sauteing it in olive oil is a good way to enhance most vegetables.  Salads are super tasty with balsamic vinaigrette based dressings....and yes, creamy things aren't out of the question (that's what she said) but you know they should be lower on the list.  You just do it.

13. You Don't Drink Water- People!! I literally have a god awful looking 32 oz. HOT GREEN Nalgene jug that I carry everywhere.  I tend to be parched first thing in the morning, so while I'm getting ready I am sipping on water, coffee on the train (water-based), 32-64 oz. during the day, and a jar by my bed at night.  Just get in the habit of drinking it and if you hate it...add cucumbers or lemon or hell....Crystal Light.  That shit is good.

14. You Don't Leave Time For Fun- I'm guilty of this per my post yesterday. Make time for a change of scenery, for fun, for friends, for new experiences and you will feel rewarded and not need to self-medicate with food as much, if ever.

15. You're on a Diet. Well, Sort of . . .- I don't really like this one. Diet is the stupidest of all stupid words in the history of stupid.  Just make it a lifestyle. Diets are temporary fixes and can't be kept up for the rest of your life. Are you really going to get mail order food or be on Jenny Craig forever? Are you always going to let other people make decisions for your? No. And if you do, I think I found your spine lying on the ground next to your balls. Just make wiser choices...don't always choose the cream based cocktail in a 48 ounce glass.  Don't always choose the 6 course dinner on a night out...or if you do...make it a "once in a while" event.  One day won't undo your hard work...but many days, back to back, will.

16. You're Always Dining Out- Totally agree with this one.'s hyper expensive.  I like to make dining out a fun date night every so often or a reason to celebrate something big.  Not a Tuesday.  I just don't.  That's not me....try cooking something and if you're looking for a new fancy pants lady at A-Life-From-Scratch has a ton of awesome recipes that are easy on the waist line!

17. You Don't Keep a Food Journal- Been there. Done that.  I used to track foods when I originally started to lose weight back in the day.  It is absolutely mind bottling (you know, like my mind is trapped in a bottle...Anchor man?)  to see what you are actually shoveling into your mouth each day.  It's a good temporary fix or a refresher if you have fallen off the wagon..but I don't think it's a permanent solution.  I have enough to-do lists each what if I forgot to add the apple I had as a snack?  Not me.

18. You Exercise With an Empty Stomach- I call horseshit on this one.  I never eat before an AM workout, and have gone at least 2 hours after eating for a pm workout.  I guess if you are training for a marathon it's different, but anything under an hour and I'm good to go.  You decide.

19. You Only Do Cardio- FACT.  I preach using your body is an excellent way to build lean muscle, but lifting weights won't make you bulk up. It makes your pants fit better and your bones stronger, so hop off the treadmill from time to time and follow all of my other workouts for overall toning and sculpting. BOOM.

20. You Eat Without Thinking- I think I do this with every meal. It's my "me" time, which means I just stare off and don't think about anything.  However, whatever is in front of me is usually one plate of food or a portion of something.  I don't keep a bag of Doritos at my beckon call.  You are setting yourself up for disaster.  Pour some in a bowl and put a chip clip on that shit. 

21. You Wear Clothes That Are Too Big- Flaunt what you got.  Pick your best asset and show it off, whether it's your arms, shoulders, back, calves, tight ass or whatever.....have a bit of swagger and show that shit off in something flattering. You don't have to look like a whooore....but if you never know how you look in the correct fitting have no idea what you may want to improve.

22. You Don't Eat Enough- Seriously!!! I have no idea how many calories I eat in a day...probably somewhere in the 1500-2200 range.  You cannot survive on less than 1200 calories each day and try to workout and function.  You just can't.  Don't do weird as it may sound, eating the correct amount of food revs up your metabolism and cuts fat faster than putting your body into starvation mode because you aren't eating enough.  In turn, your body holds onto it's fat stores.  FACT.  Google it.

23. You Leave Out Entire Food Groups- Picky eaters!! I know a few.  If you are weird, you're weird...embrace that.  Find the right supplements and vitamins to cover whatever you may be missing.  I don't think this is necessarily wrong...I didn't eat meat for 5 years and I didn't miss it once.  And I wasn't anemic or skeletal...I was actually probably bigger at some points in those 5 years than I am now.

24. You Never Indulge- I do. EVERY. DAY. Every day people!  Whether it's a beer after work to wind down, or a dessert or a more fatty dinner on the weekend, I have something "fun" each day. It keeps me sane.  Oh, and don't save it all for the weekend.  There is no need to have 3 meals and snacks and a billion cocktails that are all high calorie.  Your body is going to hate your for that.  Be nice to it.

25. You Eat the Wrong Post-Workout Snacks- I tend to schedule my workouts just before an actual meal, so technically I'm guilty of this.  I don't snack afterward...I actually eat a meal, but it's not an EXTRA meal.  Do what your body tells you to do.  If you have already eaten dinner, then worked out....then DO have a snack that is both high protein and satisfying....150 cals or less.

WHEW! That was a lot of typing.  Those are some really good pointers. Personally, I am going to pat myself on the back for aligning with most of them, but there is always room for improvement.

And now....your workout.  I still don't have a computer so we are resorting to my kick ass lower body workout from last week.  No worries, we will change it up in a bit.  Here's your lineup:

And remember....

Sally O'Mally says to KICK...and STRETCH!!! (And she's 50!)

Good luck and KICK SOME ASS!!
TBag. Out.


  1. Just finished, loved it, and thank you!!!!! I so agree with everything you've written aside from the sitting down one, ha!!! I always eat lunch standing, whoops

  2. Oh and the not eating enough is wonderful advice!! Your body needs food, period.