Mar 31, 2013

OWIO Sunday Workout Videos!! I'M BACK IN ACTION!

My computer works! (YAY!)

I got a new workout outfit!! (The top is reversible!!)

Mar 27, 2013

OWIO Toning Thursday + a snippet of my better half- Say Hello to Bayou

What is up party people?! I hope you are as excited as I am to get started with weekly PiYo Training!!
Only 18 more days until your FIRST FREE CLASS!! Woot!

But we still need to keep working. it out. in the meantime. I have seen a minimum of one billion photos of people on spring break and all I keep thinking about is shoving myself into a bikini again.  I know, I gotta rock what you got...and I WILL! It was just be a little more lifted and a little more toned.

Oooh oooh ooh...I almost forgot to tell you!
Mar 26, 2013


What is up my happy workout people!? I have SUCH exciting news for you!!!

The next chapter in your fitness regime just got a whole lot more fun, because.....
Mar 25, 2013

Operation Work. It. Out.- Tuesday Workout

Hey!! I have been told by the powers that be (i.e.- the nerds I work with) that my computer will be up and running by tomorrow!! Yay them!!

The bad news?  ALL. OF. MY. DATA. IS. GONE. All of it.

I am so hoping that I have the SD drives from my previous cameras because I am going to seriously start crying if I can't find the video I had of the day we brought home and introduced Burn to Crash.  OMG.

Lesson Learned? Back YO Shit up. Period.  I am an idiot and I have learned the hard way.

Tomorrow's WORKOUT will focus on overall strength using one "piece" of equipment....your wall.  Any wall.  Barefeet so as not to leave scuff marks.  The workout LOOKS intimidating, but I believe I can persevere? How about you?
Mar 23, 2013

OWIO Progress Pics and Stats: Week 2

Ugh.....still dont have my computer fixed so todays post will be made possible via my cellphone. I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors. Plus, the photos are crap as well. You're welcone.
Mar 20, 2013

25 Reasons You Aren't Dropping Pounds/Inches....and your Thursday OWIO Workout!

I found this article on Pinterest that had a guide to the top 25 reasons you aren't seeing the results you are hoping for in terms of pounds shed or inches loss.  Working out...although a good way to jump start your new healthy regime, isn't going to turn you into a svelte little hottie alone...sorry. There are apparently 25 other habits associated with making your goal happen.

As we approach the two week mark for our fitness journey, you may or may not have started to see changes for the positive....saggier pants, tighter arms, less weight on that damn scale, smaller inches...etc. Or you may have seen nothing.  It typically takes 4 weeks for any major changes to happen, no matter how small they are.


Here is the list of reasons from the article and my own take on them and how I am incorporating them into my lifestyle. (DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a personal trainer, nutritionist, or any of that jazz, I just know what works for me and am happy to help people)
Mar 19, 2013

Who's got the funk? TBag's got the funk.....and your next workout

Bayou and I have a rather healthy relationship given all it's imperfections.  Given the fact that we are both hard headed and stubborn and he is super Italian and I am part Irish, German, and Polish and our tempers flair and we can be brutally honest from time to time and have 0 patience every now and again....
We work.
Mar 18, 2013

Operation: Work. It. Out. - Tuesday's Firm Workout


Remember when I said I kind of went ape shit on my computer over the weekend and threw it across the floor and maybe it's not really working anymore?  No? Well, I have a scene that will re-enact exactly what happened:
Mar 17, 2013

So I made a video workout for you....

and you will be most impressed. Ha...probably not.

Side note- I wanted to say that Youtube sucks ass and this has taken me like 24 hours to complete....seriously.  I don't even think I'm that retarded with computers and the fucking editing and processing time on Youtube's end made me throw my computer across the room.  And that I think made it run even slower....but alas. I have two workouts for you that you can follow. They were part of my workout yesterday.  One isn't me and one is...I bet you won't be able to tell between the professional featuring Tracy Anderson and her killer arms and mine. I mean....mine is THAT good.

Let me set the scene.  Whenever I work out I like to come up with a set of moves and put them to music. It keeps me motivated and on track. So then I'm all...."I should just record this shit and add some fancy subtitles and give YOU PEOPLE an actual workout so you don't have to go and find music that fits my exercises." BOOM. So I did.
Mar 16, 2013

OWIO Progress Pic and Stats: Week 1

Good Morning!
Week 1 workouts completed and progress pics today!! I must say, not much has changed in a week so don't be expecting too much.  That is just how it goes.

Here are my pics and stats:

Mar 15, 2013

Take your risks now.....

Something to think about.  On our free day off from working out (yay!) I have had a few extra minutes to reflect on the last week and some random things that have happened.
Mar 13, 2013

Operation: Work. It. Out. VLOG Tips #3- Dat Ass

Good evening everybody!

Today's VLOG post is gonna make you wanna back dat ass up....right into a lessen the cellulite and least that's what I'M working for!

Thursday's workout focuses on your lower half, and for me...the biggest trouble zone including your ass, saddlebags, and inner and outer thighs.

Imma gonna give you three things you will need.


How 'bout a quickie?

Good morning people!

I have been made aware that the e-mail subscribers to this blog (all 4 of you...including myself) don't get the embedded videos.  I'm not really sure how to fix that so make sure you have clicked the 'LIKE' button on Gilded TBags Facebook page HERE to get the latest posts and see my shining, stuttering face.

Gilded also has a couple Pinterest boards:

One for all posts that are not fitness related HERE.

One for all posts that ARE fitness related HERE.

And one for all fitness related foods and drinks HERE.
Mar 12, 2013

OWIO WOW! Vlog Tip #2- Cardio!

How's everyone doing? Sore? Didn't bother?  Either way....we are on to the second weekday work out.  Everyone's favorite....CARDIO!!

Check out THIS post for your midweek cardio routine! 20-30 minutes....that's less than 3% of your entire day!! Then get yo ass up and......
Mar 11, 2013

Operation: Work. It. Out. VLOG Tips #1

So today's post will be a VIDEO of yours truly!!! I know.....try to contain yourself. I'm revealing my true identity and you're in LUCK!  I look like a complete babbling asshole.  I tried to perform the exercises for you, but since I have never been in front of a just kind of looks...stupid.
Mar 10, 2013

OWIO Workouts for Week 1: Tootsie Roll & Frogees included

I am sore.  I think I kicked my own ass a little too much yesterday knowing all of this would be on the interwebs.  Post workout, I soaked in an epsom salt balt whilst sipping a homemade smoothie, and I think it helped a bit, but my ass and shoulders are still screaming at me.
Nonetheless, the show must go on.

Like I said in my first post regarding this new fitness chapter, today's post will outline, in detail, my workouts for the week: Sunday - Saturday.  I will pull inspiration from my Fitness Pinterest board, and my vast knowledge of prior skillz I have acquired from years of working.  My mind is like a steel trap I tell ya.
Mar 9, 2013

OWIO Progress Pic and Stats: Week 0

Here goes nothing.

Bayou was forced to participate in the most unglamorous photo shoot at exactly 7am this morning.  I barely had the crust out of my eyes, but was hoping to get pics before I ate anything or he got too busy.  We only argued half of the time. I have no makeup on and stringy, unwashed hair.
You're welcome.


And with that...let's just lay everything out for all the interwebs to see:
Mar 8, 2013

Work. It. Out.

I lied when I said I needed a break from blogging.  What I MEANT was I needed something new.  I have been straying too far from myself and my loves and focusing on things that are too far out of my control.  During this time of obsessing, I started to turn to a couple things that I'm not used to doing:
Being lazy and comfort eating.  Yes, it's winter and seems to be rather acceptable to do these two things in the U.S. of A.

But that's not me.
Mar 2, 2013

I die.....for Wondfo

Yesterday I purchased exactly 50 Wondfo Home Preg Tests from Amazon for $9.

Do you think that will be enough for one week or should I get more?

The good thing about timing, is...even though I chose 2 day shipping apparently they won't arrive until Tuesday.  Which means I HAVE to wait and not test early, when the reality is I wanted to test the HOUR after suspected ovulation.  Oye.

They have POAS support classes right?

On a less TMI note...I'm passing time today by sitting on my ass and watching Rachel Zoe.
Lit-rally ALL. DAY.  She looks so much better preg than normal....her face isn't so hollow.

Totally. Bananas 4 Preg Tests.
TBag. Out.
Mar 1, 2013

How I bruised myself and my ego...with pictures

I never made it to work this morning.  I will illustrate exactly what happened.

*Disclaimer* These pictures are very accurate and drawn by an artist.  Don't be jealous.