Feb 14, 2013

Pink is my Favorite Flavor

Happy VD everyone.

In celebration of the ridiculous holiday, Bayou and I decided not to purchase a bunch of crap for each other.  It puts too much pressure on me, plus it falls in the middle of the week when I have 0 time to actually figure something out.  Plus I'm we're cheap.  Plus it's un-necessary for the most part.

Plus it was Fat Tuesday earlier this week and that is way more delicious and important to venture into our local dive wearing all the beads we own and indulging in some shrimp and crawfish etoufee.  I die..it was THAT. GOOD.

However, Bayou DID manage to creep some sap into the day by saying,
"Happy Valentine's Day sugar bush"

Did you read that?  SUGAR BUSH.  Vomit comet.  I can only assume he was talking about some outdoor foliage with large pink sprinkles rather than attempt to reference something that DOES NOT exist on me as that shit went out with the 70's and I was but a glimmer in my mom's eye.

Anyways....I am personally celebrating the day by wearing and consuming and looking at all things pink:

Pink Cardi and baubles

Pink breakfast cupcake and train champaggin

 PS- I found this FREE photo-image-make-awesome-er website that basically mimicks Instagram but without any downloads.  I dabbled on the website to make the above pictures look cool.

Sparkly pink everything 4 Life.
TBag. Out.