Feb 28, 2013

Keep on dreamin.....

Good morning world.  3 days of straight up snow and grossness and I actually grunted out loud because my mascara was smearing into my eyes from the horizontal Chicago wind.

I'm over it.

Can this please be the last 'major' snow storm of the winter and can we please please PLEASE get some warmer temps that don't require adult snowsuits?!!?!

Driving to work today, I was listening to the country channel.  Eli Young Band's song was on the radio...and currently, it resonates with me. A lot..

You know the one:

Kind of sappy, I know.  I get kind of ...I don't really know what word best describes the emotion....but maybe, "hopeful and trying to stay positive but sad that it's probably not going to happen anytime soon and trying to still keep every day fun and fulfilled and cherish this time with just my husband and my dogs and appreciate being selfish" is the right way to sum it all up.

Every cycle I try a little something different.  I read all the online forums and take tips from friends and really try to do everything that is required to make a baby, but for some reason, I keep turning up empty handed.

Now...don't get me wrong....the cycle where I pep talked my ladybits is not over yet...I am smack dab in the middle of the dreaded TWW and I went from being optimistic to just outright FINE...Let's just get this over with already.  I am pre-judging.  Jumping to conclusions.

I tried a couple different tactics this cycle based on some more obscure recommendations from the interwebs...but honestly, I jumped on board with TTC this cycle probably too late and missed the window. Who knows.  Do you? Because I sure don't.  If I'm right...then BOOYA...I'll be sure to include what worked for me, because if I were me from last year scouring the internet for glimmer of hope as to why it's not working...I would be thrilled to stumble upon this stupid blog and try what this girl tried.

But no worries...I'm not a complete Debby Downer.  Almost all the time I'm in good spirits, I just get this little nagging sensation when I have a moment to myself to actually think about things.

Until it happens I'll Keep on Dreamin'
TBag. Out.