Feb 20, 2013

It's UterUS, not UterYOU!

Alright uterus....let's have a quick pep talk shall we?  Bayou has been holding up his end of the deal, but I think you have been slacking....so it's time to lady up, m'kay?

So here's the thing. I have been trying to figure you out for 3/4 of a year and I have very few answers.  I think I know how consistently you are going to get angry with me and put me into a tailspin of bloat and bleeding.  And I think I have you figured out when you decide to rebel a bit and throw some eggs around. 

Those two we know.....so science says this.  I only get a ~20% shot each and every month to make it happen. Statistically speaking, by the 5th time of me going crazy with negative pee sticks....I should be rejoicing from the bathroom with that glorious positive.  But the thing is...you are making me look bad.  It's been 6 cycles and you are just pointing and laughing, and I get it...some of those times, perhaps Bayou and I didn't time it correctly, but what about the other times?  What do you say now uterus?

I peed on my last OPK test this morning and it came up BLARINGLY positive.  So positive that the test line turned a lovely shade of dark pink before the control line even had time to develop.

Me likey.

So I am going to hold up my end and make things happen, and you are going to release that damn egg and LET. IT. FERTILIZE. and then STOP THROWING IT AWAY! so I don't have to keep losing my mind like the rest of my family.

I am officially out of OPK tests, and cheap wondfo HPT tests.  I have ONE. FRER. TEST. LEFT.

And I guess I'll give a quick Shout Out to the powers that be from above.

Sup Jebus? How have you been.  It would be super awesome if this was THE month. This was the time.  I prayed and begged last cycle and you clearly had a different plan of how things will work, and while I cursed you a couple weeks ago for that let down.  I feel better, and I get it.  It's out of my control.  But this cycle would be nice!  I think timing-wise, it would be great actually, for many, many reasons.  Reasons that you obviously already know, but ones I think I know.  And if not...I guess that will be fine, and I will still get upset again, but maybe someday soon okay? 
Do you think you can nudge my uterus into hanging on to the little guy this time?
I would greatly appreciate.

All my love, TBag.

So that's it people.  All you cray cray readers....send me some positive vibes in the next couple weeks okay?  Like...shout it from the rooftop....go crazy!  I think I'm going to need it.

Here we go again,
TBag. Out.