Feb 23, 2013

Chris Hemsworth may or may not be my secret baby daddy....oh, and speculation about baby toys

I was scrolling through Pinterest on my way to work yesterday when I came across of the beef-bag Chris Hemsworth holding, ever so sweetly, his itty bitty wee darling baby, in his uber large, sessy man arms.  HOLY. SHIT.

I don't like blondes, or overly huge muscles....but sweet Jebus.....this was just too much.  My uterus quaked just gazing at this beautiful picture.  Oh..and his wife was included in the picture too.  But no worries, my friends, with the help of my BFF Photoshop, I "fixed" the picture to how it was supposed to look.

Feast your eyes......

Chris and Me, out and about on a casual Sunday

And now back to reality. So here's the thing.  When we brought home our first bulldog, we showered him with all sorts of fancy, expensive looking dog toys...all shapes, all sizes...ones to focus on his teething, some for softness to cuddle with...the list was endless.  You know what he ended up loving the most? Bark from the tree in the backyard and the trim on our bathroom sink.

So with bully #2.....we purchased one "luxury" item....a set of interlocking pieces of plastic for chewing on as we figured teething would be an issue, and we called them Keys. Keys did come in handy when he flipped a complete 180 on us and chewed up our couch, 4 upholstered seating cubes and a brand new white leather dining chair.  But mostly he loves tennis balls.  Within 5 minutes he can crack open one with his teeth and rip off the green fabric.  PS- You should buy stock in tennis balls because we purchase a new 10 pack weekly.  And not Petco brand tennis balls....those are shit and overpriced....just regular, every day tennis balls.  Balls has been said a lot in this paragraph.  Balls.

My question is....with a baby....is this what I'm in for?  Everyone buys all the expensive, colorful, lighty up stuff, and we spend hundreds of dollars and all they care about is the box?

If so....I'd like to get a leg up on the issue and start hoarding boxes and spatulas...or whatever it is that looks like garbage but babies like.  Or, if my intuition is correct....the real answer will be they whatever they can't or shouldn't have.  That is probably the more correct response.

What do you think?

Mrs. TBag Hemsworth. Out.