Oct 19, 2012

This very well could be my former self

Am I right or am I right?
I'm right.....

No. This isn't me as a child (note the red hair on this one....I think I see her soul in the background)
Someone pinned this on Pinterest and now this poor child will forever be known as the TBagged baby.  Her parents thought it was cute. Her parents are retarded.

And that wraps up this post.  I have a 2....maybe 3 part series coming up on our living room renovation/Halloween decorations and the like...maybe some costumes....I finally sucked it up and got spooky with it.

PS- Did you know that Gilded TBags now has a FB fan page?  My stupid widget button on this blog isn't working for the time being...but you can find updates about these blog posts and various other ramblings
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Lipton TBags...Out.