Oct 3, 2012

Boo on Halloween....so far

Usually the FIRST weekend it becomes October I am nearly peeing with excitement that I get to drag out all of my Halloween decorations and turn our humble abode into a relatively terrible frightening Haunted Mansion.....at least to the kids in our neighborhood that manage to climb the hill to our house for full size candy bars.

That's right....full size....we don't skimp on shoveling sugar into your kids mouths....they're not my problem.  I just love to see their eyes light up when you say....YES! Please take two or THREE!  They almost cannot contain themselves....almost like I can't.

Halloween is by far both mine and Bayou's favorite holiday.  We actually met at a Halloween party that he threw...in the very house we both now live in.....Vomit.  Sorry....back to spooky.

Anyways...I know it seriously just turned October on Monday but I already feel behind and not in the spirit.  See....I have LITERALLY an entire closet full of decorations.  I love dumping it all on the floor, to have the dogs drag most of it into their crates...turn everything on..listen to all the spooky sounds. Watch the animation.  I love it all. The scarier the better.

Just take a look at this creep I built as part of the haunted house:

I even had spooky piano music playing in the background!!

But this year?  Boo on Halloween.  Yes...I said it.  Boo-urns.  I am knee deep in attempting to get our living room "renovated." And by renovated...I mean, slapping some paint on the god-for-saking textured wood paneling that makes that room look like a dungeon.  Oh...and the faux brick....yes, we have both dark wood paneling and faux brick on the walls....OH! And I almost forgot.  The "architect" added "beams" to the ceiling to give it extra character....and by "beams" I mean sculpted and painted pieces of FOAM that have been glued to the ceiling.  Classy.  I'll do a post later of a before and after of the room...You may poop your pants because it will look so awesome when it's complete.

So since I am rather handy and Bayou doesn't have a choice....we are renovating.  I plan to paint the "brick" a nice creamy (gross), off white color with high gloss to make it look like tile, while the wood walls will become more of a nice grayish/brown color (not poop colored..I said NICE).  We will FINALLY add base trim and try to "hide" the ceiling beams by re-painting the ceiling all white.  I have already ordered a fancy storage bench for the front door complete with hooks for purses, bags and coats.  I also have new drapery...a nice pewter blue color.
We are still on the hunt for a rich colored brown leather sectional sofa to replace the tattered one that Burn destroyed...I would eventually like an unusual looking wine hutch and maybe a small-ish table and chairs for dinner....bar height....cafe style.  But it all costs $$...and I have few these days.

I guess I feel like I can't add to the junk I have to move around in that room until at least everything is painted. Which means no decorating, if at all...until a couple weekends from now.  How many weekends does that give me to enjoy my spooky decor? 2? I don't think that's enough...I like a month at least.....is it wrong to just keep them up through Thanksgiving? Those decorations are dumb....leaves and shit.  Blegh....

What about a Halloween decorated Christmas tree? Don't judge...I actually think that would look relatively awesome.  Nightmare before Christmas style...but I digress.

I can't even think of what type of costume I want.....at all.  Maybe something fancy with face painting.  The last party we threw at our home...I went as a Dirty Pirate Hooker (idea came from Anchorman)..and Bayou went as Captain Ass Pirate.  See?

No...that's a fake ass....not his real one.  Sorry ladeez.

And then last year I went to work looking like this:

Yup....rode on the train....in public...all the way downtown like THAT.  Full face make-up...the whole shebang.  I was up at 4am to start that shit and it came out AWESOME if I do say so myself.

Hopefully I will have some pics of decorations and a costume in the weeks to come....if I can suck it up and get excited for Halloween that is....we'll see.

TBag. Out.