Oct 23, 2012

Why I have little faith in humanity....especially if it is during a Zombie Apocalypse

There is a good chance that at some point...while driving one of our cars...I have managed to piss someone off.  There is also a good chance that that person may live in the same neighborhood as me.  I am...from time time, more aggressive in my driving habits than I need to be.  In the faster cars..I tend to tailgate as I am always late and you are always driving at least 10mph under the speed limit.  I also know that nearly all of of our cars are eccentric in their own way.  None of them are fuel efficient or eco-friendly.  I don't give a shit.  I really don't have a desire to charge a vehicle or own something with less than 6 cylinders.  I have my own reasons and quite frankly, I don't get an F if you don't like it.  I am not an asshole for not wanting to save the world with my choice of car.  There are plenty of assholes out there that choose to do a variety of things that I personally don't agree with but would never tell you to your face that you are an asshole at life....unless you seriously deserve it.
Oct 20, 2012

Somehow this post turned into a reflection of my weight through the years....

I have been up since 5:30am, as per usual every Saturday morning, to make my 6:30am Boxing class at the Y.  I KNOW.  I know that is ungodly early to even be contemplating being awake on the weekend, yet alone actually moving, violently, as though I am attacking a phantom mugger.  Complete with wee lil' 3 lb hand gloves and a seriously runny nose.  For realz, I always yawn constantly while working out, followed by watery eyes and a runny nose.  All of my face holes leak.  Sexy.
Oct 19, 2012

This very well could be my former self

Am I right or am I right?
I'm right.....

No. This isn't me as a child (note the red hair on this one....I think I see her soul in the background)
Someone pinned this on Pinterest and now this poor child will forever be known as the TBagged baby.  Her parents thought it was cute. Her parents are retarded.

And that wraps up this post.  I have a 2....maybe 3 part series coming up on our living room renovation/Halloween decorations and the like...maybe some costumes....I finally sucked it up and got spooky with it.

PS- Did you know that Gilded TBags now has a FB fan page?  My stupid widget button on this blog isn't working for the time being...but you can find updates about these blog posts and various other ramblings
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Lipton TBags...Out.

Oct 3, 2012

Boo on Halloween....so far

Usually the FIRST weekend it becomes October I am nearly peeing with excitement that I get to drag out all of my Halloween decorations and turn our humble abode into a relatively terrible frightening Haunted Mansion.....at least to the kids in our neighborhood that manage to climb the hill to our house for full size candy bars.

That's right....full size....we don't skimp on shoveling sugar into your kids mouths....they're not my problem.  I just love to see their eyes light up when you say....YES! Please take two or THREE!  They almost cannot contain themselves....almost like I can't.
Oct 1, 2012

Who really wants a pearl necklace and why some Karl's are hotter than others

This post is about to get all kinds of terrible. *A Quick disclaimer to any family members that will inevitably read this....I'm not into this crap..I just think it's hilarious to talk about and giggle at like a child...swears*
Also...this may be the post where you guys either fall in love with me or are honestly disgusted and stop reading.  I'm hoping you are on the more mental side...