Sep 19, 2012

Why the Meijer's is Awesome

I hit up good ole' Meijer's every now and again for two things:
Sep 13, 2012

Womp Womp- Piss and Vinegar and Sadness...and maybe a dim light at the end of the tunnel

Sorry I haven't written much.  I feel like I have been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster that seems to be ever changing depending on the time of day or the sun or the moon or what I've been drinking or how my day was or how everyone else's day has been.

Sep 8, 2012

I'm still here-pinky swear!

Yo!  I know you guys are totes freaking out because I haven't had a post all week.  I promise I am still here.....I have been cooking up some stuff and changed some stuff in my life and it's been kind of taking over all my free time.  No, not pregnant. I just realized the phrase "cooking up something" can be deceiving.  It's actually pretty awesome how quickly things happen when I just stop freaking out for 5 seconds and try to just let life happen.  This, by the way, it work/fitness related...not a baby announcement....sorry folks. That will probably be a while.  Thanks for hanging in!  I noticed I had hundreds of views of my blog in the last week even when not bombarding FB with my constant blog garbage.  Stay tuned!
Sep 1, 2012

Why I May Already Be Prepared for Children

Bayou and his brother venture onto the river Thursday night for the last boat race of the summer.
Wonderful, I thought.  See....I don't really care that he goes out on a school night, I just know that I have to prepare for what inevitably lies ahead for when he stumbles home and the lack of sleep that will likely happen.  I met some friends out for a drink after work, and was successfully home from the ci-tay by 7:45...enough time take the dogs on a long walk, prep my stuff for the next day, and chill out.

I call Bayou at 7:30 on my way home.

Me: Hey babe, heading home are you guys doing?
Bayou:: Oh hey TBag....we are wrapping up now.  Putting the hammer down.  I will see you real soon.
(This is hilarious because our boat is a pontoon with a 25 horsepower engine)...."Hammer down" is laughable.
Me:  Ok...sounds good. (Knowing damn well those tards are at Blarney Island, and judging by every other time we left that place....he has at least 45 minutes of a boat ride back to their shop, then at least 30 minutes of dicking around and a 15 minute drive home)