Aug 28, 2012

The thing about short Italians and another chance to win something awesome

Hi.  I haven't been feeling overly inspired to write anything, but I can fill you in on the random happenings in the last week or so.  First, I had my Birthday, and you guys failed to make it to 10 comments which means you don't get a chance to receive the shiny magical unicorn necklace I was going to send you on YOUR birthday.  But I forgive you...perhaps you were nervous you couldn't handle this type of awesome....or maybe...just maybe, you didn't really have any idea what  I meant when I a comment.  I got a bunch of comments on the FB post, but only a few on the blog, which is what I was hoping for.  We can try again and me, together, holding hands, forever.  Halloween is fast approaching, so that's the theme we are going for here.

Feast your eyes on the Prizes:

1) Vampire Paci- this is hands down my favorite item

2) Zombie Caution Tape- Perfect decoration addition

3) Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter- Obviously a necessity in a Martha Stewart home

 So this is what you do to get one of these treasures. I will randomly select TWO winners, but I have to have at least 10 people participate in order for this to work. 

1) Look over to the right hand column of this webpage.  (If you are using your cell phone, it will not work, you have to be a computer). At the top, there is a little image of me, TBag, saying that I am a member.  You, my friend, need to become a member of this cult blog too.  Click the "Join Me" link and follow a couple simple instructions.  It takes approx. 1 minute.

2)  Post a comment on this blog, not on FB or Pinterest, on Gilded TBags, at the bottom of this post.  Tell me which prize you want and maybe a little funny tid bit about you as well.  Just do it.

Follow these two simple instructions. Game ends Friday and I will update with the winners via random number selector interwebs magic. 

Another amusing event that happened was we attended an Italian car show.  Bayou and his brother got a chance to gawk over all the fancy Ferrari's and such, he got to show off his metal baby, and I got to laugh at all of the obvious stereotypes walking around.  So here's the deal, I didn't get any good pics of these guys, but let me tell was the cream of the crop.  See, most standard car shows feature older classic cars and equally old, maybe hillbilly looking, scraggly men.  This show featured fancy, shiny, fast cars with their owners; Italian men.  And no, not GQ Italian men...I'm talking slick haired, fast talking, arm flailing, 5'-0", olive tanned skin, Ferrari shirt wearing, Italian men. 

No, I'm not being racist or whatever.  Bayou is Italian...I am partly Italian.  I felt in my ZONE people.  These guys were literally characters and I felt totally at home.  It was odd.  So without further a due, here are a couple pics from that weekend.  *Warning*....Bayou shows some skin.....probably in an attempt to win votes for Best Car (we did not win...even when our team goes shirtless)

Bayou standin' sassy

He said he was too hot. I think it was to win votes. Sad to say it didn't work.

We assumed this car show was BYOB...we were the only ones that assumed that.

So there you have it folks.  Epic, I know. 

Again....become a member and follow me, and post a comment below....tell me which awesome gift you want and BOOM...your dreams may actually come true.


Aye. Oh.  I'm outta he.

TBag. Out. 


  1. I will be your first comment =D
    I want the cookie cutter if i were to win. Funny tidibit about me, hmmmmmmmm lets see. Oh ok the other day at work it was brought to my attention that the new Frankenweeie character Weird Girl looks like the Tim Burton version of me, eerie similar. The funny part is I am STOKED =D

  2. Kiti...I just checked out your blog. You ROCK girl. I die for the whole pin-up thing, and you look FAB.

  3. Testing comment section. When you leave a comment, there is a "choose an identity" section below the comment box. If you do not have a Google account, you can choose Name/URL and just type in whatever name you want to be identified. Then...if it is a giveaway post, I will ask you to email if you win. Got it?

  4. Triple B really NEEDS that paci!!! Something funny about me? Hmmm. The other day at target I paid for my items and walked out the store without taking them, just had the bebe. The poor cashier has to chase me down in the parking lot. Yea I'm that sleep deprived.

  5. We have our winners ladies!! Thanks for playing. I did not need interwebs magic for this giveaway.
    Kiti and Courtney....please e-mail at gildedtbags (at) gmail (dot) com and give me your address, you two lucky ladies should be receiving a special package soon!