Aug 30, 2012

Humanity at its Finest

Seriously.....what is WRONG with people.  I ride the train. I have to touch things that people have probably already touched with boogers on their hands and listen to people hack and sneeze and snore on a daily basis....but it is NOT acceptable to perform daily routines of hygiene when you are LITERALLY within 2. FEET. OF. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


This bitch is flossing and she is literally within arms reach of me....I was in full on gag mode because while I HAD to snap this pic, I was totally nervous that the bits of food between her teeth would dislodge with her violent flossing techniques and land in my eyeball.  Vomit Comet.

She also rubbed a couple of the moles on her face and at that point, the chunks were so high in my throat I had to go stand in the vestibule.  Stop the insanity people!!! Just stop!

And....although I rarely venture into the Walmarts....I had to go this weekend, and Bayou made me take this pic.

Black Hole

This pic isn't that funny.....I just loved the fact that her mom jeans were being vacuumed into a black hole that was formerly her ass crack.  I mean....they are clearly disappearing into the abyss never to be seen by daylight ever again.  We aren't even going to get into the fact that she was supporting all her weight on the shopping cart.  Poor cart.  Or that fact that I didn't' realize there was a mole on her back the size of another small baby head until we were leaving.  Sorry guys...moles gross me out.  Get that shit removed.  Pronto.

Finally.......let's talk about train hair.  And mirrors....or lack there of.

I believe this lady has what you would call "The Kate" know from THIS show.  This lady should be ashamed for that.....but instead of giving credit where credit is due...she totally fucked up the back.  She went all crazy with the hair gel, and just rubbed that crap around then took a blow dryer to it causing it all to stand STRAIGHT UP in the back.  I feel like the goal was to have it stick OUT from her head....but it looks like she was dragged down the street on the back of her head.  Don't people have mirrors?  Like...look in the mirror....grab your fancy hand mirror and hold it behind you....piece of cake...then people like me don't have to make snide comments.  Or don't....and keep my life interesting.

And because I know you are going through fur baby are my two retards.

Asshole loves sitting on Retard's food container....

Retard may be retarded, but that mug kills me

PS- Also.....if you haven't already looked at my previous still have a day left to win a prize.

Calling Out poor soul at a time.

TBag. Out.

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