Aug 16, 2012

How to Look Like a Mary Kay Rep....this is a terrible thing

 As I previous posted on FB, I fully realized my entire outfit coordinated WITH my umbrella today.  Completely.  And maybe you're thinking...."Aww Tbag, that is SO cute!"

No, no my friends, it is not.

I have my reasons for wearing the top I wore and the skirt I wore.

1)  Skilling said it was supposed to rain all day....dolla bills yo. Therefore...on rain days, I wear a skirt.
I do this to avoid the inevitable fact that rain splashes and makes all fabric materials below the knee a heavy soaked, freezing mess to deal with for the rest of the day at work.


2) I really wanted to wear my striped top.  Hell, most of my tops are striped.  Or blouses if you are fancy.  So I suppose I was going for a semi-colorblock effect.  What is color blocking?  THIS.

So....the minute I jumped into my car and looked at my umbrella, I realized they were the exact same colors as my a T.........Bag.  Oi....

Here are pictures.  ADVANCE camera phone takes horrendous pictures. I look like a ghost and most of my desk at my office is in the background....that's my home away from home at my fancy ass job...aren't you jealous?!

So A) Umbrella

+ B) Cute Outfit

=  C) Mary Kay Streetwalker

I'm actually surprised I looked halfway decent this morning as from the second I stepped foot outside the train to the moment I walked to the door at work it rained sideways. LIT-rally.  And yes, I am totally aware that my umbrella is huge (that's what he said)....but but but!! I have had those teeny tiny ones before and this bitch isn't a fan.  They break immediately and I end up throwing them away or watching them blow down the street while my mascara runs down my face and I end up looking like a drowned rat.  Chicago weather can be brutal, so I came prepared with the most enormous one I could find.

Soggy TBags. Out.


  1. That's a really cute umbrella ... and a really cute outfit ... together they may have made you look like an extra in a car insurance commercial, but at least you were a cute extra in a car insurance commercial!

  2.!!! And love the outfit. HATE Mary Kay.

  3. Kellie! Welcome! Thanks for the kind words....I do aspire to be an extra in a car insurance commercial. Clearly this IS my calling.

    Court! Blouses....remember that? That was for you girl.