Aug 15, 2012

Hope and Thanks

Hey There!

Guess what??  Gilded just broke the 700 page views mark!!  Thanks to everyone that loves or hates or makes fun of or just generally enjoys this blog.  Your standards are clearly lower than low, and I love you for it.

I plan to continue to drone on about the random, albeit awesome, thoughts that are in my head, and you continue to creep (without following.....No, really, do this please, and maybe, just MAYBE one day I'll cave and do some type of giveaway or discount for something cool.....maybe  -----> Just Put your e-mail in the little box over there, it makes you instantly more cool, I promise)

I always hoped one day I could take the leap, start a terrible blog, and have others actually read it...more than once.  I know I'm late in the game, but is what it is.

I always hoped that by venting real frustrations and psychotic thoughts and joyful emotions, it would be good for my soul, let Bayou's ear rest, and hopefully realize that most of you probably can connect with at least one small portion of my ramblings.

I'm human.....some of this shit is and probably will get pretty raw. And you know what?  It's okay to judge....everyone does.  That is what will hopefully make this a "safe place" for me and a little outlet when you are having a bad day and need a laugh or maybe need someone that is willing to say what you are probably thinking.  I'll take the hit.

I hope I can continue this blog during the good times and the bad times.  I hope that I can keep it going while my bebe's are growing so that maybe they can look back and realize WHY they are as psycho as they are......they will be their mother's kids.  Lord help them. 

Those of you that know me best know that I am basically cray cray in real life, but I ALWAYS try to make the best of any situation....even death and destruction....I have witnessed both first hand recently, and the only thing I know how to do in those situations is be a rock for others and try to get the words together to make sense of everyone's emotions. 

I hope that I continue to be lucky in life....and no, I'm not rich or privileged in a typically, snotty, preppy way.....but I know that when I NEED something in my life, I work my ass off and go get it.  I'm pretty lucky to always land on my feet each day.  This life is NOT perfect.....far from it.  It's messy, and emotional, and out of control sometimes, but you know what?  I honestly wouldn't change it for fact, I want to mold it into something great, and bigger. 

I hope you guys enjoy what you read.  And I hope....for Christ start commenting more, I like hearing from you.....and slap someone else with this TBag while you're at it....they will probably like it too.

Ok. I think that's enough sap for now.  I'm drinking red wine and it always makes me more thoughtful....until I can't see straight and start slurring.  Sass in the next post....promise.


TBag. Out.


  1. You're awesome T :) You make yourself easy to relate to.

  2. Thanks Girl!!! Miss you lots! But I'm glad we are able to connect from so far away!!