Aug 17, 2012

Fashion Fail Friday.....and the End of an Era

Ladies and's another weekly installment of Fashion Fail Friday with your Host.....the soggiest TBag of them all.....Yours Truly.

This one comes straight from Adult Toddlers in Tiaras Training.......feast your eyes on this fancy lad-ay.

At first you're all....."Not INTERESTING".....or   "Looks fine to me"....BUT you are clearly blind.  See....I honestly believe this outfit is meant for someone in their youth...perhaps around 12-14-ish......Unfortunately she was walking so you couldn't see how WIDE this white "tennis" skirt was.  There is just something unsettling about an adult wearing an A-line or pleated or ruffled skirt that hits well above the knee.  I am PRETTY sure that if she bent over I would see the granny panties she most definitely is sporting.  (Side Note- I can NEVER. for. the. life. of. me.  spell definitely correctly...I always forget the second "e") she is planning to take those braids out....a double pigtail braid hair-do is just NOT acceptable for work, and ESPECIALLY not for anyone that is CLEARLY in their 40's.  Unless, maybe,....just maybe...she is going to a baseball game wearing a base ball cap.....then maybe those braids are acceptable, but even then...a low ponytail would be much better.

I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of the epically awful smart hipster glasses she was sporting, but it looked a little something like this:

You get the picture. 

Anyways, casual Friday keeps getting taken to a more and more ridiculous level, and I love me some Fashion Fails.....don't you? It's like the whole GD world just said...."Eh....fuck it.....I'm already buzzed and this shit is getting old....let's just grab something off that floor that could be our kids and try to act cool."

Speaking of being cool...if you follow my blog you will be.......The SECOND I hit 50 followers I'm gonna hook up a sweet ass prize....or candy...You like candy right? Especially from a van with no windows and a Unicorn spray painted on the side.'s gonna be supah sahweet.

On a completely unrelated note......a part of MY youth died last night.  When I was a young, stupid college kid, I hauled my ass off to the closest tattoo and piercing parlor and pierced anything that I could that wasn't TOO TOO edgy. I have standards people. 

At that point in my life, I managed to stay away from tattoos (thank God...those things are fucking stupid), but got exactly 5 additional piercings to the 2 I already had.  In the last 10 years I took out 3 of them due to the fact that they bugged the living crap out of me...which left (okay people, let's do some basic math here....5 + 2 = 7, carry the 1...aww hell)... what I am trying to say is I changed into my pj's last night and half of my belly button piercing was gone, meaning, I couldn't keep it in there any longer. 

I dug through my old stash of extras but had none.  And honestly, it is probably going to feel a little stupid to head into the local Claire's to get some more know, with all the other pre-teens.  So, with a heavy heart.  I let that chapter of my life close.  And now...I must admit, my belly button looks totally weird "naked." 

Bayou made a lovely remark that "I would have to take it out when I got knocked up anyways"....then proceeded to huff and puff and roll over and put the pillow over his head.  Talking about having kids is awesome.  Maybe I should have just said that he should look in the mirror if he wants to know what dealing with kids will be like....but I digress. 

Cheers to Less Body Holes and more Baby Holes

TBag. Out.

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