Aug 10, 2012

Fashion Fail Friday

I wasn't going to make another post this week but then I was graced with the most glorious site EVAH. 

This one isn't from the train.  It was when I was walking to work.  I can only assume this sassy lady assumed she was the HOTNESS and therefore decided it was acceptable to waddle to work looking like this:

Now, let's first point out the positive.  She planned.  She checked out Skilling this morning and brought her umbrella. ella. ella.  And her snack.....and she DID coordinate this outfit down to her blinged out Converse shoes.  But....that's about where the praise ends.

If she would just buy clothes that didn't come from the Juniors department, there would be no reason for this post. Which would make my life I thank her.

Her quadro-back-boob makes me giggle and the fact that her Converse shoes have a little DIY effect as shown here gives it extra charm.

Look closely....those sneakers are open toe.  And after careful inspection....she made them that way herself.  That takes creativity and balls my friend. Plus there are rhinestones glued to the back of these shoes as well.....and that makes it A-OK in my book.

Hope you have a Sassy Fashion Fail Forward Friday

Back Boobs Forever,
TBag. Out.


  1. OMG! I am so jealous that you get to be witness to all these fashion vict's day after day!

  2. I know girl, it's a blessing and a curse

  3. Having just had a c section 5 days ago I had to stop reading mid post as I was laughing so hard I was concerned i'd pop a stitch. This is awesome.