Aug 21, 2012

Birthday Nonsense

IT'S MY BIRF-DAY!!  That's right fools.....the last acceptable year to say out loud...the big 2-9. is what it is, I love having birthdays and I love getting older....I imagine myself old and crusty...sitting in bar with ALL of my gaudy jewelry on sipping a hot pink martini still thinking I'm the hotness while preaching to men half my age...."You don't know WHERE I've been honey..." or something along those lines.  I'm excited to age another year.  I'm at a better place both professionally and personally.  Gone are the days of worrying about other people's opinions (even though for some reason they still give 'em....Did you know that no one cares?  That's right buddy.....not. one. person.)  And gone are the days where I questioned how I would pay the bills and still have a little extra money to actually have fun or splurge for once.  I am still endlessly frugal, and always will be.  It's in my blood.  You can thank my father for being a tight wad.  I get excited to watch savings grow or to not spend an entire paycheck each month.....I know.  LAME.

So I was born at 9:58am, and I just know, like clock-work, my mom will be calling me at exactly that time...probably at work, singing me Happy Birthday. As corny as that is....I would imagine I will do the same thing. 

I'm feeling a little giving today.  So here's the deal.  I need at least 10 volunteers.  You hear me?  10.  I will send you something awesome on YOUR birthday, but you have to do the following.

***Post a comment that includes you birth Day and birth Month and let me know one little tid bit about you.....something you think I want to hear and that you want all of the interwebs to know about as well.

At the end of today, I will do a random number selection with some fancy interwebs magic (yes, it will be legit) and whoever is picked will be contacted via e-mail.

There has to be at least 10 or it won't work and no one wins.  So let's all be awesome people!! I know you are all dying to get some random crap mailed to your home.

Oh...p.s.- NO P.O. Box address's.....don't worry, it won't be dangerous or deadly.  Only awesome.

Ready? Go!!!

I will be enjoying some cake and champaggin at some point will be totally jealous, because the birthday cake is left over from this weekend, the the champaggin is really $4 sparkling wine.

Birfday Girl.....TBag.  Out.


  1. Happy day. T-bag

  2. Happy birthday hooker:) We are gonna celebrate like ROCK STARS this weekend!!!!

  3. Born in August!! All the cool people are, right?! Day is the 30th.

    Hmm something about me. Well every time I read your blog I am nursing bebe. I hope that's not weird?! There isnt all that much going on right now aside from boobs and diapers :) ok and some fabulous champagne of course....thank you Tia!!

  4. Happy birthday a day late!! Hope you had a great one!