Jul 9, 2012

Boo Yeah!

I wanted to say a quick THANK YOU!  And why?!?!!?  Because you LIKE ME! You REALLY LIKE ME!   My little blog ticker thing says I have had just over 200 page views since I started this terrible AWESOME blog 2 weeks ago. (And NO, 199 of those aren't from yours truly, I was actually able to disable my computers from recording myself.)
So this means I have 199 creepers new friends or just 10 good friends that are willing to stalk my page over and over and over again. I'll take it, either way.

So do me a quickie (that's what she said) and go ahead and actually start following my blog and posting comments!!! I love comments! Just keep it clean people and send me some lovin!

TBag. Out.

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